Is this you..

You are in complete overwhelm with deadlines coming at you from every angle.
You are trying your best to remain professional in the office then leaving work feeling a total failure because you missed deadlines, missed lunch, forgot to drink water.
You scrape through the day, despite frequent headaches and getting irritable about the slightest little glitch that blows up out of proportion.
You pick up a takeaway meal for yourself on the way home after dark and asked your partner to make tea for the children because you had to stay late again at the office.
You are thinking you may have early onset dementia, or perhaps menopause is the reason.

Did you know that you can change this situation by understanding your DISC behaviour pattern and managing yourself more suitably?

Perhaps this is you?

Similar situation to our lady accountant above, yet because you are a man, you are expected to cope better You feel like an imposter at work.You can´t keep up the pretence for much longer and are now at your wits´end. Your relationships at work are getting fractious and your family are picking up on your stress too .

You rarely see the children during the week. You feel guilty that you are not pulling your weight within the practice. Your decision making is not what it used to be and you worry that you´ve lost your edge. You´ve started to feel unwell most days and are concerned that your health is going downhill.

Elaine Godley MBA, O.A. Dip (Psych)
Multi award winning Master Health Mentor
Awarded Best DISCPlus Health and Wellbeing Mentor 2022 and 2023 in UK, Europe
Brainz magazine Top 500 global award 2023

I know how you feel. Since 1986 I´ve worked with professional service firms and found a simple solution to these challenges. I´ve become an expert in the DISC model of behaviour profiling and have a unique approach to using this fascinating tool which I blend with my expertise in health and wellbeing.

Your DISC profile assessment will indicate how close to burnout you are – perhaps you are there already and just one more straw will break the camel´s back as we say. Whether you are an individual or manage a team, let´s get you back on track and become super successful at work, home and even in the bedroom!