Case Studies

Without meeting individuals, I can tell if they are potentially healthy and stable even if they have not yet displayed symptoms.

I can tell if they are already ill or if they are close to burnout – or maybe they’ve already exceeded their behaviour modification capability.

Don’t wait until you have a health or behaviour crisis in your organisation.

Prevention is less stressful and far easier than cure.From recruitment to partnership and all steps in between, I can help guide your team towards optimal performance, health and wellbeing.

Difficult Partner and Team Dysfunction

I was invited to help unravel a conundrum with a 50+ member accountancy practice. One of the partners was hopeless at managing the team.He was unhappy, the team was unhappy, and the senior partner management team was considering all options because the work the person did was very good and an asset to the business. However, the situation was unsustainable and team members were at risk of leaving – and so was the spouse!

I profiled the management team which included the troublesome individual. It was obvious to the partners that the individual was totally unsuited in terms of the behaviour pattern and strengths to managing a team.The team members reporting into the person was then profiled and I suggested a re-distribution of the team to report in to the other partners based upon profile suitability.

A new title was given to the partner. The person was then able to work in an office with just the PA and no other staff to manage. The team was happy, the person was happy, the management team was happy, the spouse was happy, and the marriage too was saved!

Promotion to Partnership

Four directors applied for admittance to partnership. The Managing Partner asked me to assess all four in terms of how suitable their behaviour pattern was for each of them to become partners.I profiled the individuals and undertook personal face to face meetings.

My recommendation was for them all to be admitted, however pointing out that two of them required additional support to ensure their mental wellbeing was not compromised with the additional responsibility.

I assessed from their behavioural profile pattern changes, where the two were in difficulty and guided the Managing Partner on how to support the individuals.

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