You´ve worked hard to become a C-Suite level director with all the trimmings.

HOWEVER, this is the reality..

You´ve got the nice house.

You´ve created the super trophy family.

Your car is top of the range.

Your clothes are designer.

You don´t have time to enjoy any of it

You are constantly tired

You are never at home

You never get to see the children or attend any school events

You rarely drive the car because you are always at the office

You look the part but are feeling terrible inside

Your money comes in and goes straight out on your high mortgage, take aways and gym membership that you don´t have time to visit

Continuing like this is unsustainable and a guaranteed route to ill health

CEO, director level or entrepreneur and wondering if the kudos is worth the sacrifice?
Because I didn´t listen I was sent a cancer diagnosis to deal with. And then another.
And then stage IV cancer arrived. I was given less than 1 year to live unless I followed exactly what the medics were recommending.
I was kidding myself that the ridiculous hours I was working for my clients were so enjoyable I didn´t consider the time as work. I was having a great time on all of myprojects