Managing Partners, I know how you feel….

Not enough hours in the day, so many deadlines from clients and even more pressure from the managing partner to complete in-house admin. You are not eating well, not sleeping enough, have brain fog and so you take uppers to keep awake and can barely get through the day without a headache or body pain.

You no longer have time to keep fit, your joints ache and you have turned to painkillers or alcohol to self-medicate.

How long do you think you can keep this unsustainable mask going?

You appear on the surface that everything is OK, yet if you are lucky enough to get home at night, all you can do is flop down on the sofa, maybe grab a takeaway on your way home and fall asleep on the couch to repeat the next day. How do you gain a good life balance when the pressure is so heavy? Did you know that some lawyers and attorneys, barristers and solicitors are practising in the wrong area of law which goes against their natural behavioural strengths?

Do you recognise yourself or any of your team members? I have a solution. Let´s talk

Did you know that being out of alignment with your leading personality strengths can make you very, very ill?

How do I know this? Because I´ve been there and the result was stage IV cancer. If the above resonates with you, I can help you personally and identify who in your team is approaching, or already at, burnout without even meeting them.

A DISC behaviour profile reveals how you and your team are currently managing stress. My specialist training and innovative approach to DISC profiling is ground-breaking and works to provide solutions in team management and health.

I can also guide you to reverse serious health challenges and teach you how to avoid a health crisis as I have done for hundreds of clients spanning several years.

Imagine more time with your loved ones, more energy, no brain fog, better decision making and a happier life altogether.You will enjoy an improved life balance with greater career success that leads naturally to a greater sense of health and wellbeing with a return on investment of at least 10x.

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Elaine Godley MBA (Nottingham Law School) O.A. Dip (Psych),Multi-award-winning in DISC Profiling, Health and Wellbeing Mentoring. Formerly CEO of provincial law firms, head of department in top City firm and Managing Partner within public sector local authority.

A specialist in the DISC model of behaviour profiling and trained in advanced nutrition, health and wellbeing, I motivate and inspire individuals and teams to become the best version of themselves with optimum health and life balance.

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